UK (Scotland)


I am at the airport! My plane is going to Glasgow in Scotland. I want to visit my uncle there.



Wow, look at this river. The water is flowing quickly.



There are a lot of mountains in Scotland. They are called the Highlands.


big mountain climbing

This mountain is so high! And I am so small. But I want to go hiking. I hope I have enough energy!



Here, I am at Loch Ness. I would like to go swimming in the lake, but the water is too cold.



Look, I am climbing up a tree. I want to look for Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. But I can only see a ship.


castle and ruin.JPG

In Scotland, you can see a lot of castles. This one is very old. It is a ruin.



This is my uncle. He looks funny. He is wearing a typical Scottish hat and he is playing the bagpipes.


Für Lehrkräfte: Suchen Sie nach passenden Unterrichtsideen?
Bechler, Sabrina (2017): “Sally visits Scotland. Schottlands schöne Natur kennenlernen.”






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